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The INNOVV Power Hub 3 was developed in response to the demands of our customers…

“The INNOVV Power Hub 3 keeps everything tidy, is simple and easy to use whilst being very compact in size.”

More than just motorcycle cameras….we also have GPS, driving lights, heated clothing/gloves, and other accessories on our offroad toys.

  • Flat Battery?
  • Power up/power off the devices manually?
  • Devices getting damaged by poor power supply?
  • Multiple connections to the battery look unprofessional and messy!


  • Simple Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Water Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Easy Use and Installation
  • 46.2mm x 31mm x 18mm (1.8” x 1.2” x 0.7”)


1 x 15A inline fuse for input

5 x 3A inline fuse for output

Connect up to 5 devices

Clear indicator ​

With a 10 second power on and power off delay to help avoid low power supply to devices with engine start/stop.

Power Hub 3

Blue LED solid on, power supply.

webBikeWorld 2016 Merit Awards of The INNOVV Power Hub​

The INNOVV Power Hub (review) allows you to connect up to 5 different accessories such as lights, horns, power outlets and more.

It’s powered with the ignition so it turns on and off with the bike. A shared ground connection keeps everything tidy and easy to use.