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INNOVV H5 Helmet and Handlebar Action Camera – Some cool features you didn’t think of.

INNOVV H5 Helmet and Handlebar Action Camera – Some cool features you didn’t think of.

Putting a camera on a helmet isn’t new. However having a purpose built helmet camera though is something not a lot of riders have thought about.

Let’s look at some of the features that makes the INNOVV H5 special for us bike riders?  


Having a heavy helmet isn’t a great experience when riding, that’s why we always try and buy the lightest helmet we can. Strapping a camera, encased in a holder that’s not originally designed to be worn on the head, can make the whole experience very uncomfortable. Especially over long rides.

The INNOVV unit with the battery only weighs in at 140g. With base model full face helmets weighing in around 1700g the INNOVV camera just wouldn’t be felt in this situation. Going up the helmet scale to the carbon full face helmets, the weight of the camera on the side would still be negligible.

Power Options

The Achilles heel in previous worn helmet worn cameras is the battery life. Measured in double digit minutes the helmet camera would often run out of power at the worst timing.

The other problem was the battery was built into the camera and not able to be swapped around.

The INNOVV H5 has one of the longest lasting battery packs out there in the market. Even when filming in 4K, one battery can provide up to the 5 hours of filming from one charge. Even if this isn’t long enough, it takes 20 seconds to take off the battery and replace with a fully charged spare.  

The INNOVV H5 also comes with a USB charging back which can plug into any USB port on your bike and power the H5 as long as you ride.

Choose your film quality

The beauty about the INNOVV H5 is that we can set the film quality to what we want. Set and forget with Ultra HD 4K filming or drop it down to 2.2k and film at 60fps for that super slow motion replay – the choice is yours.


Nobody likes the shakes

The SONY 4K image sensor is augmented with electronic image stabilization technology which produces a high-resolution 4K image in rapid motion environments. The INNOVV H5 camera actively compensates for blur and rotation as well as eliminating unnecessary vibrations ensuring an overall enhanced video quality.

Choose where you want to film from

The INNOVV H5 gives you two placement options right out the box. Either go for the helmet mounts that can be used for either side of the helmet as the camera is designed for this option. This gives you the full filming on everywhere you look.

Or you can fix the H5 camera with the included metal handlebar mount and have it in a fixed position. Great for either cyclists, smaller helmets or those not wanting to fix it on the helmet at all.  


Aero design

May be a small thing to some but the INNOVV H5 is designed to fit flush to the side of the helmet and not stick out like a square. The even shape also allows the camera to be fitted to both sides of the helmet without changing the angle of filming or access to the buttons located on the top.

Lots of expandable storage

The INNOVV H5 uses expandable storage with micro SD Cards. With the option of inserting a 256GB card into the H5, you can film the whole day without losing any footage.

What’s more, the files are specially compressed so the 4K doesn’t overload the SD card inside.

Tough and Protected

With the INNOVV H5 it already comes with an IP65 rating without the need for extra covers or protection. This protects is from water (don’t submerge it) and dust – essentially everything the elements can throw at it.

Vibration Alerts

When the cameras on the head, one of the hardest things to work out is if the camera is on and filming. It’s hard to hear a small beep so the INNOVV H5 has a built in vibration alert to when the camera is turned on, making it easy to feel through gloved hands or even the helmet.

Designed and built for you

Everything around the H5 has been designed with the biker in mind. It really is the most complete filming system for your helmet or handlebar mount that is on the market right now.