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What is the INNOVV Power Hub2?

When we drive a new car, we take for granted the fifteen USB ports, the twenty three cup holders and seventeen gadgets we sometimes have charging in the car as we drive.

OK, slight exaggeration on the numbers but the space and capacity of a car to use multiple gadgets is crazy. Switch over to our motorbikes and what do we have? Maybe one USB charge port as an aftermarket thought.

Today’s aftermarket tech for motorbikes is amazing. We have GPS, Phones, cameras, driving lights, heated clothing ports (wished they would do AC) and other nifty toys. They all make our riding that bit more safer or interactive. The problem is there are multiple problems when using them on a bike.

The first issue is they all need power. The second issue we don’t have the space to have multiple power cables flapping in the wind. The final issue can be series to the actual devices. Having multiple power supplies running uncontrolled through the vehicle can stop the devices from receiving a constant level of power supply. Having either a dip or a spike in power can sometimes damage our gadgets over time, shortening their lifespan.

So, as a biker what are my options?

INNOVV Power Hub2

The INNOVV Power Hub2 allows up to 5 separate devices to be run through one controlled power source.  It’s simple design allows one direct 20 Amp input connection, while producing five separate 3 Amp output cables. The five cables can handle up to 5 Amp each, but the limit is 20 Amp in total. Look for the Blue LED light and you are good to go.

The main control box is a solid construction which can be easily hidden even on a naked bike. The design is dust and water proof to prevent any contamination ingress. So wet weather on a bike or even off-road riding will be fine.

With each cable measuring 50cm in length it’s an easy fit to reach gadgets either at the front or the rear of the bike when the Power Hub2 is located central. 

That extra touch

The other beauty about the Power Hub2 is the power on/off delay. It’s not just cars that have the engine start/stop however this can lead to power supply going off through aftermarket power supplies. The Power Hub2 gives you a 10 second delay in order to avoid the power outages and help keep the devices powered all the time.

The INNOVV Power Hub2 will not only make your bike power options sleeker, safer and better behaved. It will also let you easily add those extra gadgets to the bike you had your eye on for Xmas.

Check it out online here or at your local INNOVV Stockist.