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Why the INNOVV K3 should be top of your Xmas list

The INNOVV K3 Powersport Camera is the brands entry level model that packs a serious filming punch. It’s the best of both worlds for both recreational users and professionals looking to capture great footage. In this deep dive article, we shall look at why the K3 is a must for the biggest powersport population, and is a better long-term option for your powersport machine. Plus we look at some of the cool features you never knew you could have.

Who should consider an INNOVV K3?

The largest group that would benefit from a K3 camera system are motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders make up the largest percentage of powersport machines in Australia with approximately 800,000 licence holders at any one time.

There are multiple reasons why people ride. Couriers, delivery, commuters and weekend riders enjoying some freedom. What they all have in common is that they ride on the roads shared by “cagers” or car drivers.

Unfortunately, there are accidents that come with using our roads. However, on a bike there are many more hazards you need to contend with, mainly other road users that just don’t see bikes well enough.

Almost 70% of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections because drivers do not see the motorcycle. Since motorcycles are smaller, other motorists often misjudge how fast a motorcyclist is traveling. This results in them turning into their path of travel causing an accident. Drivers will often claim the bike was going too fast, unaware of the legal acceleration over a car.

Lane filtering is also legal. However drivers rarely check their mirrors and can often squeeze a legally filtering rider into another vehicle. This can often cause the rider to drop their bike causing damage and possibly injury.

Another common accident is from poorly maintained roads or temporary hazards. This can range from loose gravel being left on the road, grass and soil clipping, large potholes or household obstacles left in a dangerous position. With poorly maintained roads and potholes there can be a legal path through local councils to claim insurance back if they were at fault. You just need the proof to show it first.

Your word against theirs

In many accidents involving motorcycles, there is very little a rider can show as proof that they were in the right. The positions riders take on the road either for cornering or defensive riding can sometimes be interpreted as being in the wrong by drivers. They will often argue they were in the right, not understanding the way a rider needs to ride legally.

Traditional stick-on internal battery cameras may not be recording at the time and certainly doesn’t know when you have been in an accident. It’s sometimes luck if you have it recording on a long ride. Plus lets not forget the fact that you have to remember to recharge these devices.

This comes down to our main reason of having an ‘always on’ camera that can record both front and rear. With the K3 recording all the time you will never need to worry if the camera is powered or recording. With dual crisp 1080p HD cameras recording in a wide 120 degrees, the INNOVV K3 will provide you with an unbiased perspective of the accident that cannot be disputed.

Also any sudden movement or movement to resemble an accident, the INNOVV K3 will store that footage in a safe drive that can’t be deleted unless manually done so at a later date. In the worst case you can’t download the footage at the scene then it will always be safe for a later date.

Improving your race line

For a lucky few, some of us love to take our machines to the track and open them up in the safety of a closed circuit. The biggest drawback of learning to race is that you can’t always work out where you are doing well or making some big mistakes. Unlike drivers we can’t take an instructor with us but having a high-quality camera that will always follow the bike line, makes it a valuable teaching aid you can watch straight from coming off the track. With the Sony Image sensor providing crisp footage even at high speed you will be able to see every detail of your line, even in slow motion.

An INNOVV K3 can also show a lot of extra data to a rider to further improve over just visuals, including speed and G sensors. No other battery powered camera can do that.

Keeping your memories of the full ride

For those of us that like a Sunday ride, we may choose to take a long scenic road trip with friends or choose to go off-road and explore bush.

Some of these trips can be etched into our memory for a long time but to have them recorded can allow us to relive special moments.

Many sports cameras are powered by an internal battery that has a limited life when recording. Some of the trips we do are for a full day which those cameras would not be able to do a fraction of the time.

The INNOVV K3 camera can support a 256GB memory card and loop recording. This means that you can get 18 hours of full 1080 recording to one card, it also doesn’t wipe the whole card data to start again.

What’s more you can take HD pictures at any time with the INNOVV K3 at the touch of a button with the handy remote located where you want it.

Security and safety when parked in the open

Not all bikes are kept in snug garages under wraps. Many bikes live on the street, or the driveway ready for the next day. This can pose a few problems for security and weather proofing.

With a professionally designed installation kit and detailed installation instructions by INNOVV, it’s easier than you might think to install your INNOVV K3. The INNOVV K3 cameras are small enough to be hidden, protecting your INNOVV cameras from being stolen. Once installed, they are permanently fitted and hardly noticeable.

The INNOVV K3 cameras are also IP67 waterproof (see waterproof blog) but in the event of a downpour or having the cameras fitted to one of 76,000 Personal Watercraft, the camera will be safe and doing its job.

The other great thing is that the INNOVV K3 has parking mode. This handy mode will enable your camera to always record without running the bike battery flat. If you do leave the bike for a longer than normal period, the K3 camera will detect the voltage and shut down to preserve starting power for the bike.

Easily View and Share

The INNOVV K3 has a dedicated App where you can play videos and set up the configuration in the palm of your hand. It’s never been easier to view, download, and share memorable moments with the INNOVV app without extracting the TF card.

Talk while you ride

The INNOVV K3 Powersports Cam embraces an external microphone for better audio input. The microphone cable features better tensile strength and longer flex life, which means the cable can withstand thousands of stretches with its strong and durable design. An open foam cover around the microphone reduces wind noise effectively. It clearly captures your voices, high quality engine sounds or exhaust sounds during the road trip by putting it on the right place, making it a great gadget for moto-vlogging.


This article has really focused on motorcycles and why having a K3 running full time can be beneficial. Motorcycle riding can be amazing, fun and life changing for some. At the end of the day having a camera system on a bike does cost a little money and you need to weigh the cost of investment with the benefits of having one.

However, when you spend so much time on your bike, come into situations (sometimes daily) where having a set of eyes recording those in front and behind you would be hugely beneficial. It just takes one incident to change your view and wish you had proof; we just hope you have the INNOVV K3 camera watching out for you when you do. Check out the INNOVV range here

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