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Why have the new INNOVV H5 Helmet and Handlebar camera!

Why have a Camera when riding?

In today’s society having a video replay of every aspect of our lives to share is becoming normality. Holidays, family occasions, even the food we eat is now filmed and documented for posterity.

But when it comes to the important and prolonged movements in our lives such as driving or riding, we can’t utilise our phone cameras. This means we often miss out on some of the most exciting or stressful moments of our lives.

Having a camera can provide an eye witness to most occasions you encounter on the road. Some situations more obvious than others, and some with financial or legal implications.

A motorcyclist clashes with a driver on the Pacific Highway in Berowra. Picture: Dash Cam Owners Australia

Keeping everybody honest

For good riders, the majority of accidents are caused by either external road factors or other road users. We can ride as defensively as we like, however there is always going to be the one road user who’s completely oblivious to us on the road.  

Having video footage of any accident takes away the “he said, she said” argument and gives a clear and unbiased view of the incident to analysis. You can also ask for a reduction in your insurance premium if you say that you always ride with a camera.

What about Road Rage? Pointing to a camera during a road rage incident can often de-escalate the situation immediately, especially when filming the plates of the offending vehicle.

Improve your riding

Having a camera can keep you an honest rider on the road and be that angel on your shoulder.

Using the footage from your ride, you can later review it when home. This study on yourself helps to improve your technique and what you could have done better during the ride.

If you have a partner learning, then ride behind them while talking to the camera on their road positioning. This can include lean, gear selection, road positioning, seat position, speed and braking technique. It really speeds up their understand of how they can improve in real situations.

Share what you love

At the end of the day, most of us ride for pleasure, not because we have to. Documenting, replaying and sharing some our weekend joy rides is often the main reason we choose to get a helmet camera. The rest is just benefits that comes with having the INNOVV H5.

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